This portal is to request NBME exams. If you are trying to select an eligibility period for a USMLE exam please go the following link:

If you have completed a Core Clerkship you have already been scheduled for your appropriate Shelf-Exam. You should only use this portal if you failed your first attempt at your Shelf Exam and are scheduling a retake.

Before submitting an application please note the following:

  1. Rules for exams including prerequisites, maximum attempts, and maximum time frames are found in Appendix B: Testing Information Chart on page 55 of the Catalog located on the AUIS website. Look at the following website. Basic Science Catalog
  2. If there is a balance on your account your exam will NOT be scheduled until your account is in good standing.
  3. If the test dates you select do not conform to the AUIS or NBME requirements they will be adjusted accordingly and listed on your confirmation email. Please read this email carefully.
  4. If you are requesting a fourth or greater exam attempt you MUST have been approved by the SARC committee, and you will be required to attach your SARC approval letter with your request. Failure to attach the decision letter will result in your request NOT being processed.
  5. The $160.00 exam fee can be paid at; (The payment confirmation MUST be attached to your request or it will NOT be processed).
  6. If you fail to sit for your exam, regardless of the reason, it will count as an attempt. Please make every effort to sit for your exam.